Analyzing Social Studies of Feyzabad Dam Irrigation and Drainage Network in Fars Province

Document Type : Research Paper


In the most applied projects of our country, social studies were forgotten and projects are analyzed with technical view. In each project social studies should be perform parallel to technical studies because, some projects are technically accepted but they rejected because social aspects. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to analyze social studies of Feyzabad Dam irrigation and Drainage Network in Fars Province. A deep interview has been performed with government and stakeholders in this study. Information was analyzed with SWOT method. Findings showed that internal factors (strength and weakness points) had higher score weight than external factors (treatments and opportunities). Strength points with score weight of 3.992 had maximum and opportunities with score weight of 3.607 had minimum score. Score weight of strength points are more than score weight of weakness, that it shows the positive effect of social studies on project. Therefore, some strategies are made like: preparation for the water users’ association establishing, empowerment of water users association cores and reveal of modern channels benefits.