The effective factors on marketing behavior of pomegranate growers in Tarom Township

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Zanjan Univercity, Department of Extension, Communication and Rural Development

2 Associate Professor, Department of Extension, Communication and Rural Development, Zanjan University

3 PhD student, Department of Extension, Communication and Rural Development, Zanjan University

4 Agricultural planning expert of Zanjan Jihad Agricultural Organization


Pomegranate is one of the most important strategic agricultural products of Tarom Township. Despite the important place of this product in the livelihood of rural households, the marketing of this product, like other agricultural products in Iran, has many problems. Any planning in the field of improving the pomegranate market requires understanding the marketing behaviors of pomegranates. Therefore, this descriptive-correlational study was conducted to investigate the factors affecting the marketing behavior of pomegranates in Tarom Township. multi-stage random cluster method was done in sampling stage and the number of samples was selected and studied using Cochran's formula of 160 people out of 5207 people whit step by step and according to the number of farmers in rural areas and villages. Data were analyzed by survey using a structured questionnaire whose validity and reliability were confirmed and using SPSSWin22 software. The results showed that the variables of pomegranate sales point, financing sources, water supply source, access to credit and financial services, receiving loans from banks and financial institutions, pomegranate history, annual agricultural income, approximate distance from garden to sales center, total garden performance The rate of self-consumption of pomegranate, the cost of transporting pomegranate to the market for sale and the use of local intermediaries in the village to obtain information have a positive and significant relationship with the marketing behavior of pomegranates.


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